In an effort to rebuild a fractured Ummat, it is vitally important that the Ummat be reconnected with the Masjid.

Every need of the Ummat around the Masjid must be taken care of by those who attend the Masjid.

This includes religious as well as worldly studies and also all welfare and community care services.

So long as all these services were being taken care of from the Masjid by the people of the Masjid who lived around that Masjid, the Ummat remained united and these services all complimented one another as well as those who were involved in them and these services remained on the pattern of the Sunnah and Sahaba.

However when these services left the Masjid and developed into individual branches, the Ummat became disunited and these necessary services began to seemingly conflict with one another and they bacame distant from the pattern of the Sunnah and Sahaba.

Ummati is making an effort to bring all these services back into the Masjid beginning with the religious and worldly educational needs of those Muslims who live around the Masjid.


The fundamental difference between education taught inside the Masjid and education taught outside the Masjid is:


Academic Education is a formality,

My progress in life is connected to my good and bad deeds; obedience and disobedience to Allah.




Religion is a formality,

My progress in life is connected to my academic education, wealth, and physical efforts.




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