What you need to do:

  1. Have 5 students over the age of 6
    1. Preferably grades 2-5
  2. Find from within your community 2-3 male or female teachers who meet the following requirements:
    1. Some education in Ontario/Canada
    2. Speak English without an accent
    3. Have concern for the community & Deen
    4. Willing to learn and work with Ummati

Principals and teachers in private schools are not required to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)

  1. Designate an area that will be used as the main office. The office area should have:
    1. A desk
    2. Some chairs or a seating area
    3. A computer
    4. A printer
    5. A filing cabinet
    6. Some basic office supplies
  2. Designate an area that will be used as classrooms. The classrooms should have:
    1. Desks (maktab style or school style)
    2. White boards
    3. Dividers to separate the classes
    4. Classroom supplies
  3. Register the school (Notice of Intent)
    1. Deadline is September 1st
  4. Update the registration forms with the school name, logo, etc. and start the registration process which includes:
    1. Get parents to complete registration form
    2. Photocopy of residency documents which may include but not limited to:
      1. Birth certificate
      2. Passport
      3. Citizenship card
    3. Photocopy of health card
    4. Photocopy of last report card (if applicable)
  5. Assign one of the 2-3 teachers as a VP (Vice Principle), they’re duties initially include:
    1. Taking responsibility for the registration process
      1. Designate an area to access registration forms
      2. Designate a time and area to receive completed forms
    2. To provide a phone number (that will be answered only during school hours) that they can be reached at for any questions about the school.


Questions & Answers (Please follow answers strictly without adding or subtracting any information)


Is your school registered?


Are your teachers qualified?

It is not a requirement for Ontario private schools for the teacher, VP, or staff to be certified by the OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) but we make sure they attend a Teacher Training Course.

Do you follow the Ontario curriculum?


What subjects do you teach?

The same subjects that are taught in any other school in Ontario excluding sex education, music, and anything inappropriate according to Islam.

What is your Islamic studies curriculum?

From 8-11
a. Nazira/Islamic Studies
b. Part-time Hifz/Islamic Studies
c. Aalim Program (later on)

What do you teach in your Islamic Studies curriculum?

i. Monday ii. Tuesday iii. Wednesday iv. Thursday v. Friday

When do the children do their academic studies?

From 11:00AM-3:00PM with a Zuhr/lunch break in between.

Is that enough time to get all their subjects in?

Yes. In public school there is only 3.5 hours instructional time with 2 - 15 minute recesses and a 1 hour lunch.

Do you have a library and/or computer lab?

Yes. Otherwise - We are in the process of setting an area up for that specific purpose soon Insha’Allah.

Where do the kids go for recess/lunch?

We have a designated area for eating lunch/snacks and the children play in the ____________________________ with adult supervision at all times.

Do the children go on field trips?

Yes, 3 times a year (some recreational and some educational)

Do the children get report cards?

Yes, 3 times a year. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd semester.

If my child moves to another school, will there be a problem?

All registered schools in Ontario follow the same evaluation guidelines and curriculum, so there should be no problem.

What grades do you have?

We are starting with grades 1,2,3,4 or __________________ and plan to add as needed.

Do split grades work?

All schools use the split grade system (ex. Gr. 1/2, Gr. 3/4, Gr. 5/6, Gr. 7/8)

Do you have a school calendar with the holidays and reporting schedule?


Are the boys and girls separate?